Meet Mr Blake

Welcome Students and Whanau,

I'm looking forward to another exciting year here at Reremoana School and teaching Year 4s and 5s in Room 13 this year.  Here's a little about me...

I grew up in East Auckland and have been living in Manukau for about 7 years now. This is my third year of teaching and I'm enjoying the challenge and variety that teaching brings.  I especially enjoy teaching P.E., Maths and Writing.
My wife Praneeta and I on our wedding day.
I'm pretty good at falling off my mountain bike.

Here's Diesel when we first brought him home.  He was 7 weeks old.

And here he is at 11 weeks old, they day before school started.

Over the holidays my wife and I adopted a puppy we named Diesel.  He is an Australian Cattle Dog or 'Blue Heeler'.  Blue Heelers were bred to herd Cattle over long distances in the hot Australian sun.  They are a very tough and intelligent dog that like to bark and bite the heels of the cattle they are herding.  We're working hard to train him not to bite us, because he likes to do that too!

In my spare time I enjoy mountain biking, weight training and spending time with friends and family.  I'm a big movie buff and I'm a bit of a news geek; I like to follow news and events from around the world.

My philosophy on teaching is to focus on developing the skills necessary to become lifelong learners. In Room 13 we will be learning how to think and to be discerning about our choices, among a multitude of other things. I have high expectations of my students and I know they will meet them.

Parents, I encourage you to come and see me if you have any celebrations or concerns.  Alternatively, you can always contact me via email:

Looking forward to a productive year of learning,
Mr Blake

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