Term Four Week Three - Due Friday 24th May

You should be reading for 15-30 minutes every night.  Take home a School Journal to read (you may also read any books you choose yourself).  Record what you’ve read below.

Book read
Pages read
Time reading

Write an imaginary recount about a time you went into space.  
Remember to include: An Orientation: which answers the questions Who was there? What were you doing? When did it happen? Where were you?  Why were you doing this?
A Body that describes the memory as events in sequence (things in the order they happened. 
A Conclusion that reflects on the memory and refers back to things you’ve mentioned in the body.
Make sure to include time connectives to order your ideas (e.g. First, next, then, later on, last of all).  Also remember to keep all of your recount in the past tense.

Spelling - practice your spelling words.  Put 5 of them into sentences.  Look them up in a dictionary if you don’t know what they mean.

  • Basic Facts practise: www.prototec.co.nz
  • Place Value practise: Staged Practise Sheets - practise the ones you get wrong.
  • Mathletics: all set tasks have been removed this term and all courses have been opened for you to practise and revise.  Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division are the areas that need the most revision.

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