Thursday, 29 May 2014

Field of Dreams Swimming

This term, our class has been doing swimming lessons on Thursdays. Here are some photos of our swimming we've done so far.

In this lesson, we were learning about how we could safely help someone who was drowning in a pool.  Our instructor explained that it's a bad idea to jump in ourselves to try to save them, because we'll probably end up drowning too!  The best way is to give the drowning person something that will float and then pull them out of the water with it.

Using a noodle to pull a drowning swimmer from a pull.

Throwing flutter boards to the drowning swimmers.  A few of us need to work on our aim!

!!!!!!!!BIKE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some photos from Tui Team's Bike and Scooter day last week.  Come take a look at the awesome Road Safety Posters on our window that we made as part of Road Safety Week too.

Go, go, go!

Taking a pit stop. 

Smiley Riley

Speeder  X


Jordan and Ethan

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bring your bikes and scooters this Friday for Brake Road Safety Week!

Maths games in Room13

Today we are going to tell you what maths games we play in class.

Now we are going to show some pictures of the maths games.

Matching numbers 

One of the computer games

Shake and Think Hard 


That is all of the maths games we play in class.
Have a good weekend from Emily and Jordan and the rest of the class.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Student leaders in Room 13

Hi we are the first blog monitors of 2014.    
By Emily and Jordan.

This is what we did today.  The first thing we did today was pick a student leader for our class.  A number of people put their name in a box and Mr Blake picked half the class to do a speech to Mr Blake and the class picked one year 4 and one year 5.  The year 4 student leader is Riley Wood.  The year 5 student leader is Dannielle.

All of Year 4 students who wanted to be a student leader.

Riley giving a speech to the class.

Richard persuading the class to pick him.

These are our new Student Leaders.  Dannielle is our Year 5 leader and Riley is our Year 4 Leader.